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Our play tray is the perfect solution for families who adore sensory messy play activities at home. It can be used for both indoor table top use and outdoor fun. The slight raised sides help contents remain in the tray and are designed to avoid hurting a child’s arms while playing and stretching into the tray. The size is great for all kinds of messy play materials and imaginative play, including water, sand, paint and much more. It is light, easily stored and wipes clean.

30 in stock

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Play Lab encourages messy play from a young age. Through years of experience within the educational sector, Play Lab has sourced this fabulous messy play tray which ticks all our boxes for childhood development. Every home and school should have one!

Let your child get down, get messy, get playing!


The benefits of getting a Play Tray are endless:

– Contains all the mess
– Suitable for a variety of messy play materials and activities
– Provides a designated play space
– Ideal size for a group of kids playing together
– Making preparation for parents a breeze, with wipe clean surface.
– Allows for consistent sensory development
– Promotes fine and gross motor activities
– Allows for crossing the mid line, which is important for coordination
– Develops hand-eye coordination
– Encourages concentration & independence
– Builds creativity & imagination
– Expands speech, language & vocabulary
– Promotes child led play & social skills

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Ages 8 months+

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