• Boys get ready for some dino fun! Build a prehistoric world filled with imaginative play and Rooars. Create a dinosaur nest with dino eggs, mountains and rushing rivers. Become a Paleontologist and explore an interesting lost dinosaur world. This small world play kit ignites good old fashioned child led Play.

  • Yummy in my tummy! Let's use our imaginations and make some delicious mouthwatering ice cream sundae's with all the exciting toppings. Design your own ice cream menu, tasty desserts and creations using all the little sparkly accessories and sprinkles.

  • Our play tray is the perfect solution for families who adore sensory messy play activities at home. It can be used for both indoor table top use and outdoor fun. The slight raised sides help contents remain in the tray and are designed to avoid hurting a child’s arms while playing and stretching into the tray. The size is great for all kinds of messy play materials and imaginative play, including water, sand, paint and much more. It is light, easily stored and wipes clean.
  • Ahoy Matey! Let the adventure begin. Engage in hours of hands on sensory play with our Pirate messy play kit. So many ways to play, this theme is one of my favourites. Go on an ocean adventure, bury treasure and create small world pirate scenes. Be creative and explore with the wonderful coloured rice and soft homemade play dough. The opportunities are endless and provide hours of fun and magical storytelling while playing out your favourite pirate character.

  • Our unicorn kit is filled with magic and sparkles, a dream sensory experience for every little girl. Create a glitter unicorn themed playground using all the accessories. Mould your own special 3-D unicorn using feathers, googly eyes and imagination. Let your creativity run wild with the beautifully soft, hand-made, non-toxic play dough and coloured rice for added texture and sensory experience.
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